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Kids' Bookplate Labels featuring a young child's doodles and drawings. Set of 18 labels with red, green, blue  and yellow borders, personalised with a child's name.

Doodles BOY Personalised Kids Bookplate Stickers

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Colourful doodle design featuring a child's drawings.

Label your little one's books with personalised bookplate stickers featuring a charming design. These labels can be personalised with the child's name, making it clear that the book belongs to them. The labels are easy to apply and durable, ensuring they will last for the lifetime of the book.

Whether your child has a treasured collection of books or is just starting to build one, these labels are the perfect way to instill a sense of ownership and pride in their reading material. They also make a thoughtful and unique gift for any young bookworm.

Each pack contains 18 personalised labels - i.e. 2x A4 sheets with 9 stickers. 

Print on glossy vinyl adhesive paper using high-quality inks.